〇 Campaign for three- day trial of KOUKA

I’m interested in having KOUKA, but how big is the capsule?
Will a person with dementia really take it?

For those hesitating to buy KOUKA having such worries, we offer a 3 day free trial campaign for limited 10 applicants.

Closing date: July 30th
Fee: free

If you are interested, please let us know:
Name (of applicant and trialist)
Contact information (address, phone number, email address) necessary for shipping
Age (of applicant and trialist)
Relationship between the applicant and the trialist
Diagnosed as dementia or not (if diagnosed, specific name of the illness)

We accept email applications.

Please send us above information in a message titled ‘’3 day trial campaign of KOUKA’’ at info@disajp.org

〇 What is KOUKA ?

Doses for 3 days are not sufficient to improve cognitive functions. This trial is designed to offer you a chance to know the actual size and taste of the product (no bitterness of reishi as it’s capsuled), as well as recommended daily intake of 10 capsules (5 in the morning and night / 3 in the morning, 3 in the daytime 4 in the evening).

We would be happy if you answer the simple questionnaire after a week from the end of the trial.


Campaign for three- day trial of KOUKA


Contact information necessary for shipping


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